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What is the Mapped Platform? 

Mapped is an AI-powered data infrastructure platform for commercial and Industrial IoT. It automates the tedious task of integrating with complex - often undocumented - building systems, replacing days, weeks or months of manual data mapping using machine learning.


How does it work? 

The Mapped platform consists of two key components:  

  • The edge gateway 
  • The cloud platform  

The universal edge gateway is deployed on premise in your commercial/industrial space, either as physical hardware or virtualized software. The gateway performs various intelligent processes to automatically extract system information, maps that information to standard data models, and then pushes that data to the cloud. Mapped also offers the ability to remotely and securely connect to building systems over VPN to perform those edge activities.

The cloud platform has a console that can be accessed by authenticated users (admins and/or developers) for both visualizing the data points and querying the APIs. The platform provides fine grain control over the data, determining how it can be shared with developers internal to an organization, or to other external business partners.


Where is the platform hosted? 

The Mapped platform is hosted on public cloud infrastructure located in the continental US, though it can be made available in other regions if required.


What data is extracted? 

The platform not only integrates with all your building systems including HVAC, access control, elevators, IoT Sensors and similar, but also a wide array of enterprise & cloud applications that are used by facilities operations & IT teams.


Where is the data stored? 

The data is stored on public cloud infrastructure located in the continental US, though it can be stored in other regions if required.


How is the data transmitted from edge to the cloud? 

Data is transmitted to the cloud depending on the specific deployment scenario and the practical consideration of the location. Typically we employ one of these methods:

  • Using cellular connectivity from gateway to the cloud 
  • Using the local existing WiFi network  
  • Through a wired LAN network  
  • Through remote VPN

What are the security measures employed to protect my data? 

Security is in the DNA of our product. We have paid extra attention to provide end-to-end security in our platform. We publish a Security Whitepaper that describes this topic in more detail.


Who is the typical user of the Mapped Platform? 

Mapped is used by, but not limited to: application developers, data analysts, building facilities operations & management staff (across the customer base of property owners), building operators & tenants, facilities service vendors, system integrators, managed service providers, and many other software vendors that provide applications for the IoT ecosystem.


Who installs the gateway in my building? 

If a physical gateway is required, Mapped will facilitate the installation of the universal gateway either as self-serve, or through a partner assisted process to ensure it’s installed appropriately and securely.


How much does it cost for the platform? 

Please contact Mapped Sales team for detailed pricing or fill out the Contact Us form on our website.

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