Developer FAQ

How do I get a developer account? 

Every Mapped account is automatically enabled for developer/API access. 


Does it cost anything to get a developer account? 

There is no additional cost to get a developer account at this time.


What do I get with developer account? 

You will have access to all production API resources, and access to location data from any organizations where the developer is an authorized user. 


What APIs are available on the platform? 

Mapped provides a single GraphQL API which can be used to access all the people, places and things available to you, including “point” data which can be used to create time series data for things like thermostat temperature settings. 


What can I do with the Mapped APIs? 

Develop new applications that leverage data across building sub-systems such as HVAC, Lighting, Access Control, Elevators, Safety & Surveillance. Use contextual and immediate time series data to extract meaningful statistics. Create new dashboards and derive additional intelligence on existing applications, or feed live data onto existing applications. Develop reporting, analytic and insights for facilities O&M staff (Operations and Maintenance). Build predictive ML/AI models based on building data to optimize repair and maintenance costsMerge data from multiple sources to create robust building management tools. The possibilities are limitless!

Can I access the platform if I’m located in EU or APAC regions? 

If you’re located outside of the United States, different regulations may apply to your use of Mapped and the API; please contact us to discuss further. 


Can I use the API to access data for more than one location/site/building? 

Applications using the Mapped API can access location data for any organization where the developer is an authorized user. 


I have more questions, how can I reach you? 

You can reach us through any of the methods described on our support page.

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